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TJK Consulting Engineers, Inc. Announces Promotion of New Directors of Engineering

TJK is pleased to announce the promotions of Michael Peterson, P.E. to Director of Mechanical Engineering and Barry Lasseigne, P.E. to Director of Electrical Engineering. As Directors of Engineering, Michael and Barry will oversee the operations of TJK’s Mechanical and Electrical departments as well as provide instrumental leadership and development among their teams.

These promotions are an important step to continue to grow and elevate the company. Steve Jones, P.E., Vice President of Engineering, says, “We’re very excited for Michael and Barry to take on these new roles. They exemplify all of TJK’s core values and take pride in leading their teams with patience, understanding, and compassion.”

After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University, Michael Peterson has held the positions of Designer, Senior Designer, and Project Director at TJK. In his 10 years of experience, he has worked on a variety of projects including educational facilities, healthcare, residential, multi-family, and commercial. Michael feels some of his most significant work has been accomplished with Clark County School District which he says has taught him how to design a variety of projects at many sizes and scales. One achievement he is most proud of is passing the Professional Engineering exam and becoming a licensed Mechanical Engineer. “The concepts I studied helped me gain a deeper understanding of the principles of design which has allowed me to use those principles in many different applications,” Michael says.

As a Senior Designer, Michael learned how to help, teach, and guide younger designers to excel, and in his new role, he is most looking forward to continuing to help others grow and learn. “I love watching people face new challenges and become stronger and better by gaining experience from them,” Michael says, “I also look forward to doing the same myself.”

For Barry Lasseigne, engineering was in the family business. He started working in the industry in 2015 while finishing his Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and joined the TJK team in 2021. Barry feels the various leadership courses and professional development training he has participated in have been critical in bettering his daily interactions and creating more consistent, positive, and engaging communication. In his new role, Barry is ready to expand his involvement in more projects. “As a designer, I’ve always handled juggling many things at once pretty well,” Barry says, “I’m looking forward to honing those skills further.”

Barry believes the most influential element of his career has been the interactions and people that he has had the pleasure to learn from. “Excellent mentors and competitive peers have driven me far. Specifically, Neal Blodgett’s positivity and encouragement have been inspirational since my first days in the industry,” he says. Barry is excited to be more involved in a wider array of projects and to work more closely with his team as he takes on this new position.

Michael and Barry's promotions are reflective of TJK’s continued commitment to excellence and are a significant step in the company's expansion. Steve Jones says, “I’m looking forward to seeing their growth and how their positive perspectives and experience can keep TJK moving forward and upward.”


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