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Engineering is what we do.

Life Through DesignSM is what we create.


Life Through Design is our team's primary vision and focus in all the designs we create. Our goal is to elevate the experience of usable and livable spaces by adding elements of light, water, air and sound. Life Through Design is TJK's driving purpose which allows us to cultivate environments for our community that are not only functional and sustainable but welcoming of life. 


Our philosophy is respect. We believe the foundation of a successful environment is respecting the ones who work beside us and the clients we work with. Through the core idea of respect, we are able to enjoy working alongside those who share our values and standards so that we can collaborate productively to create quality and innovative designs.


Our priorities have been centered around the ideas of trust, growth, quality, and mutual accountability. TJK strives to make the idea of accountability solution based. We encourage the team to push themselves to complete tasks they agreed to finish, motivate team members around them to do the same, and speak up if accountability is lacking. In holding oneself and other team members accountable, it instills trust among employees to always encourage one another to provide quality work, allows us to learn from one another in the face of obstacles, and challenges us so that we can grow individually as well as one collective TJK team. 

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