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With over 35 years of k-12 educational facility design, TJK is prepared for the various challenges and flexibility required to adapt during the design and construction process. Our team understands the need to provide system designs to suit the most optimal environments that are conducive to focus, collaboration, and instruction. With the importance of quality education in mind, our team is honored to be a part of designing any built environment that will give students and educators a place to grow and pursue knowledge for generations to come.


TJK has designed over 300 projects throughout the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, as well as various projects on community college campuses. Whether we’re designing classrooms, stadiums, auditoriums, parking garages, multipurpose rooms, labs, gymnasiums, offices, common areas, or libraries, we consider the adaptability needs of the university, instructors, and students. We continue to incorporate the latest technologies in our designs and look ahead for future technological innovations to provide the most opportune learning environment for students.

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