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TJK Consulting Engineers, Inc. Promotes and Announces Successors

TJK Consulting Engineers, Inc. is proud to announce the next generation of successors by promoting Kayleigh Hasshaw, CPSM, to Vice President of Marketing and Business Operations and Stephen Jones, P.E., to Vice President of Engineering. This move is part of the company’s long-term strategy to sustain its growth and success.

In their new roles, these leaders will oversee the day-to-day operations of their respective departments and continue to work closely with the executive team to drive expansion and innovation.

TJK Owner/Visionary Ken Meechudhone said, “We are very excited to introduce our third generation of TJK leadership to help continue our firm’s legacy that Tom Krob started in 1986. Tom Anderson and I will lead TJK along with Kayleigh and Steve to ensure a successful transition and smooth process for our clients over the next few years.”

Kayleigh Hasshaw, CPSM, began her career journey at TJK in 2008. Kayleigh earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing at the University of Nevada Las Vegas while continuing to work for TJK and helping develop the company’s executive management team and marketing department. More recently, Kayleigh played a crucial role in the establishment of TJK’s Boise office to support the growth of their community, helped recruit and support the Las Vegas team to align with the company’s culture, and drove the company’s business development and marketing strategies to support TJK’s brand and vision.

Stephen Jones, P.E., earned his master’s degree in engineering from the University of Nevada Reno. Steve has been with TJK for eight years after accepting the company’s first Director of Mechanical Engineering position and establishing TJK’s mechanical/plumbing department to grow the company into a full MEP firm. Steve has worked on countless projects in his experience in both the private and public works sectors. As a natural-born engineer, Steve will excel in overseeing the company’s various engineering departments by ensuring quality, coordination, and the firm’s engineering reputation at the highest level.

TJK Owner/President Tom Anderson, P.E., said, “Kayleigh and Steve are committed to excellence. They consistently inspire and motivate the team through their personal connections with them. They always go above and beyond to ensure everyone is supported and empowered to succeed. These qualities make Kayleigh and Steve an easy choice for the next generation of successors at TJK — they are true TJK leaders.”

The new promotions reflect TJK’s commitment to promoting from within and investing in its employees’ development. The company is confident that Steve and Kayleigh’s leadership will continue to guide the organization to new heights and strengthen its position as a leading engineering firm.


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