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Svein Haland Headshot

Svein Haland

Project Manager

The Faithful One

Svein Haland began his mechanical career in Norway. Owning his own firm gave him the knowledge and experience to manage a business, multiple projects, and a team. As well as an installation background, he understands the mechanics as well as the design concepts for the mechanical systems. Since moving to the United States, Mr. Haland has been a project director on hundreds of projects with TJK in Southern Nevada. He always brings his high energy, drive to get results, and ability to share enthusiasm for ideas on every project he is involved with.

Svein grew up in the northern part of Norway and moved to the United States with his wife because they wanted to start a family by fostering and adopting children. He loves to seek out HVAC designs everywhere he goes and starts everyday by lifting weights to keep himself strong and healthy. Svein loves to spend time with his family exploring the world or relaxing at home with a good movie and food.

Svein's Brand: Determined, Persevering, Conservative


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