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Savannah Webster

Marketing & Finance Coordinator

The Perfectionist

Starting out as TJK's Admin Assistant in 2015, Savannah moved into the marketing and finance role and recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Project Management. Savannah takes a logical approach to most things, but likes to exercise the creative side of her brain by working on marketing and branding. She has an eye for aesthetics and always strives to meet a high standard.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Savannah loves the hot weather and is always seeking the sun. She grew up playing competitive soccer for 14 years and now gets her fix by keeping up with English Premier League. Staying active is important to her. Working out or trying a new sport keep her feeling most fulfilled. In addition, she likes to listen to podcasts daily and stay informed about what’s going on in the world. Savannah is very much influenced by her the beauty in her physical environment and feels it's important to always take time to appreciate the little things.

Savannah's Brand: Rational, Poised, Authentic


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