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Ogden Underpass

The purpose of this project was to create a safer environment for the people who live, work, and play near the underpass. TJK’s role was to increase the light levels so pedestrians feel comfortable using the pathway to connect from downtown Las Vegas to Symphony Park. The sidewalks were widened to separate the pedestrians from the vehicular traffic and the light levels were increased to four foot candles to enhance the artists’ artwork in the underpass. This project has served as a much needed enhancement and safety improvement for the residents and visitors of our Las Vegas community.


With an understanding of the intent for the increased light levels for the underpass improvement, TJK selected light fixtures that would last an extensive period of time and could endure wear and tear, as well as fixtures that were unique and added character to the roadway. Since standard roadway lights were not used for this improvement, the underpass offers a striking appearance and a community-friendly commute path while meeting the required RTC roadway light levels. Our team took careful consideration reviewing different light fixtures and worked extensively to create models that achieved the desired end result. 

Images Courtesy of: PUNCH Photography

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City of Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV

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