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Neal Blodgett

Project Manager

The Ice-Breaker

Neal Blodgett was born in Hawaii and lived in Alaska before moving to Nevada in 1976 where he has resided ever since. His journey in the AEC industry began over 40 years ago when he started a career as an architectural and engineering drafter in 1981. He eventually moved forward to become an electrical designer and now a project director. Neal’s project experience is extensive, and his ability to motivate, encourage, and act as a light to those around him make him an asset to the team. 

​Everyone knows Neal as a lively and enthusiastic person. He loves to bake cookies and cakes and feed people with food and good thoughts. He has two beautiful dogs that he and his wife love. He also likes to paint and take walks on the beach. Neal has been married to his wife for over 40 years and has two daughters that inspire him daily.

Neal's Brand: Fun, Passionate, Friendly


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