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Natalya Ivanyan

Mechanical Designer

The Risk-Taker

After graduating from university, Natalya Ivanyan started her career in engineering in Armenia in 2006 where she designed power supply systems, ventilation and A/C, and heating systems. In 2014, she moved to the United States continuing her career in engineering. As a mechanical designer, Natalya has proven she enjoys projects that are challenging and approaches them with a smile, offering enthusiasm with a desire to deliver.

Natalya enjoys spending time with her family and friends, having movie nights, and discovering everything there is to learn about Las Vegas and its wonders. Roller coasters, theme parks, and restaurants excite her, and she's always looking forward to any new little adventure she can take with her family. Natalya’s biggest inspiration is her family and her parents. They have inspired her throughout her life and taught her countless lessons on how to maintain a work-life balance. She aspires to be like them.

Natalya's Brand: Active, Driven, Thorough


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