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Michael Peterson, P.E.

Director of Mechanical Engineering

The Consistent One

Mike was born and raised in Utah and resided there until graduating with his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University in 2013. After that, he and his wife relocated to Las Vegas for work where they have been settled ever since with their three children. Finding his knack in the industry, he received his professional engineering license in 2017 and has been a steady and reliable engineer ever since.

In his leisure time, Mike takes pleasure in spending time with his family, exploring new places while traveling, and finding inspiration in his faith and loved ones. He also likes to solve puzzles, having completed a 9,000-piece puzzle in the past. Mike likes to watch and play basketball and spend quality time with his children. Outside of work, he prefers to be on vacation with his family or on a date with his wife.

Mike's Brand: Patient, Calm, Happy


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