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Kai Solidum

Electrical Designer

The Meticulous One

Born in Guam and raised in Hawaii, Kai is the fortunate (or unfortunate depending on who you ask) oldest child of five. Wanting to break the chain of nurses of medical personnel in his family, and always being interested in the way things work, Kai inevitably found his way to engineering. He recently graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. During his last semester, Kai was part of a team that developed small cube satellites with the intent of using them for research in quantum space science and presented their work at a NASA conference.


Coming from a large family, Kai naturally enjoys spending time with them. However, he feels his alone time is a necessity, and most of this time is spent in the garage. In his spare time you can likely find Kai washing cars, fixing cars, or breaking cars, only to have to fix them again, and driving to wherever the road takes him. When he’s not on, in, or under a car, he’s probably watching a compilation of useless facts on YouTube or scouring Spotify to find new music. Challenges are what inspire Kai and keep him going. Constantly being in a state of learning is very important to him, and he believes there’s no better way to learn than forcing your brain to do some yoga!

Kai's Brand: Perceptive, Persistent, Pragmatic

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