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Jo Mackey iLead Academy for the Digital Sciences

Jo Mackey iLead Academy for the Digital Sciences is the first K-8 magnet school to open in Clark County. The school offers programs including Leadership and Digital Sciences and aims to cultivate young civic leaders for the community. TJK provided the full MEP and Technology design for the school and focused on facilitating a modern and tech-savvy feeling that would promote Clark County School District’s desired learning environment. Since this is the first of its type, TJK was excited to provide a design that would satisfy the architect and CCSD’s design vision and offer the future students and teachers a stimulating and energizing place to work and learn.


This ground-up, new school prototype was from a previously designed middle school produced by TJK. The school differed from most others since it did not have a hydronic HVAC system. Instead, this was designed with rooftop multi-zone units with AC cooling and gas heating as the main systems to keep construction time short. The ER and TR rooms have standard AC rooftop units, and some have small room split heat pumps. A special design feature we included in this project is the LED pendant lights featured in the kindergarten section. This element was a request by the school principal and adds a playful element to the hallway. Per the light fixture manufacturer, the pendants are donut-shaped, as in the shape your mouth makes when you see it.

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Clark County School District


North Las Vegas, NV

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