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Jacie Headshot

Jacie Crapo, EI

Electrical Designer

The Serious One

Jacie Crapo, EI started her path to electrical engineering when she worked as a CAD drafter in the summer during high school and college while she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree electrical engineering. Graduating from Brigham Young University in 2019, Jacie is now a skilled electrical designer who is proud to contribute to her community and see the tangible effects of her work.

Jacie was born and raised in Las Vegas and has had a love for soccer since she was young. A fun fact about Jacie is that, during college, she was part of an improv comedy group. She loves playing soccer, hiking, reading, hanging out with her family, and lounging in her personal library, reading late into the night.

Jacie's Brand: Hardworking, Responsible, Whimsical


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