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Hidden Falls Park

The Beverly Theater is an independent theater and performance space located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Opening in 2023, it is now Las Vegas’ only art house and will be a hot spot for entertainment and art. The 14,457 square foot, two-story building has a 457 person capacity theater that hosts an array of events, from discussion panels to lavish banquet events and intimate readings.

The theater was designed with vibrant interiors and striking with cutting-edge film, sound, and lighting equipment and features sound-enhancing elements such as specialized walls and ceilings, along with retractable seating that provides versatile room arrangements for various functions. The lobby and reception area are thoughtfully designed with a compact box office, snack bar, and restroom facilities. The entry space serves as an art showcase that exhibits works from local artists or university art students, with the entrance of the building features landscape lighting and prominent signage. The Beverly Theater is a must-see, one-of-a-kind event space that provides novel entertainment and art for the community to enjoy. 

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