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Gabriel Ovalle

Plumbing Designer

The Techy

Gabriel was born in California and grew up in Las Vegas. He graduated from Northwest Career and Technical Academy and started pursuing a CS major at the University of Nevada Las Vegas before deciding to change to Mechanical Engineering, which he is currently working on completing with a few more years to go.


One of Gabriel’s interests includes FPV drone flying. He has bought 3 so far, one he bought can fly up to nearly 80 mph, and has learned a lot about soldering and electronics in the process. He thinks it is just as fun to build a drone as it is to fly it. Gabriel also loves solving different kinds of puzzles with one of his favorites is the Rubik's Cube. The fastest time he has solved one is just over 15 seconds. Music is another one of Gabriel's passions. He loves to play and listen to music to relax and unwind. Muse is his favorite band and you can probably find Gabriel in the crowd at your nearest rock concert. Gabriel gets daily inspiration from the ability to take anything you enjoy and immerse yourself into it with a wealth of knowledge at the touch of a button.

Gabriel's Brand: Resourceful, Innovative, Curious


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