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Ermias Headshot

Ermias Gebreab, P.E.

Project Manager

The Imagination

Originating from Asmara, Eritrea, Ermias Gebreab is a dreamer who moved to the United States to pursue his studies and accomplish his career dreams. Ermias graduated from the University of Asmara & Kansas State University in electrical engineering and has been involved in various types of projects in his years of design experience. He takes great pride in all the projects he has been a part of.


Ermias enjoys meeting new people, learning about their background and lives, and bonding with others through shared experiences. In his leisure time, Ermias loves playing and watching soccer, and is an avid runner.  His interests also include politics, news, and documentary movies. Ermias stays motivated by the dreams and goals he sets for himself.

Ermias' Brand: Calm, Flexible, Motivated


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