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Darwin Canales

Technology Designer

The Helper

With a degree in Design and Drafting from ITT Technical Institute, Darwin Canales has proven that his focused and diligent approach is the key to delivering a successful result. Mr. Canales is a cooperative and helpful teammate who will ensure a project is designed to owner expectations and is always willing to go above and beyond and offer his teammates a helping hand. 


Darwin loves spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, hiking, camping, and taking pictures of landscapes. He's also a scary movie buff, especially when it's raining. He's a homebody at heart, but he still likes change and challenges to keep himself alert, focused, and out of his comfort zone. ​​Darwin's happy place would be admiring and gazing out the window of a high-rise building while sketching its landscape. Most of the time, he's looking forward to being an old man tending to his yard. 

Darwin's Brand: Eager, Determined, Listener


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