Tom Anderson.jpg

Tom Anderson, P.E.


Consistent . Open . Inclusive

Ken Meechudhone

Vice President

Honest . Caring . Humble

Ana Final.jpg

Ana Quinones

Plumbing Designer

Friendly . Humble . Hardworking

Barry Final.jpg

Barry Lasseigne, EI

Electrical Designer

Hardworking . Particular . Friendly


Clyde Ceredon

Electrical Designer

Kind . Disciplined . Hardworking

Cole Moreno.jpg

Cole Moreno, EI

Electrical Designer

Trustworthy . Determined . Planner

Darwin Canales

Technology Designer

Eager . Determined . Listener


Ermias Gebreab, P.E.

Electrical Designer

Flexible . Motivated . Imaginative

Gabriel Final.jpg

Gabriel Ovalle

CAD/BIM Technician

Thoughtful . Relaxed . Optimistic

Jacie Crapo, EI

Electrical Designer

Hard-working . Responsible . Whimsical

Janis Final.jpg

Janis Martinez

Project Assistant

Charismatic .  Lively . Organized

John Bracken

Electrical Designer

Punctual . Hard-working . Detailed 

Josh Brown

Mechanical Designer

Driven . Pragmatic . Resourceful

Kayleigh Hasshaw, CPSM

Director of Operations

Reliable . Ambitious . Practical

Marco Final.jpg

Marco Arias, EI

Mechanical Designer

Friendly . Competitive . Passionate

Michael Peterson, P.E.

Project Director

Calm . Happy . Content


Natalya Ivanyan

Mechanical Designer

Diligent . Authentic . Benevolent


Neal L. Blodgett

Project Director

Fun . Passionate . Friendly

Rogelio Esparza, P.E.

Director of Electrical Engineering

Persistent . Caring . Relaxed

Savannah Webster

Marketing & Finance Coordinator

Rational . Poised . Authentic

Savi Final.jpg

Savindra Kariyawasam

Mechanical Designer

Friendly . Funny . Hardworking

Steve Jones, P.E.

Director of Mechanical Engineering

Reserved . Calm . Witty

Svein Haland

Project Director

Determined . Persevering . Conservative

In Loving Memory of Troy Inholt