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Sandra Quezada

Mechanical Designer

The Creative

A recent graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas and proud first-generation college student, Sandra was born in Mexico and got to make beautiful memories there before moving to Las Vegas as a child. Realizing she could use both her creativity and math skills together, she decided to pursue engineering as a major and career when she was introduced to the industry through TJK’s internship program.


Sandra is a crafty person and a homebody. She loves learning new things and is constantly searching for new information or hobbies to take up. Some of these hobbies include cross stitching, puzzles, Legos, and reading. She also enjoys roller skating and could spend all her days roller skating if it was possible. Her family has always been an inspiration to her. Through ups and downs, they never let hard times get them down or stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

Sandra's Brand: Cheery, Responsible, Respectful

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