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Mesquite Library

The Clark County Library District’s vision for the Mesquite Library was to create a fully functioning and inviting location for the community to gather, collaborate, and expand their knowledge. TJK designed the MEP and technology systems for the new 13,313 square foot single-story library and redesigned the existing 5,464 square foot library building. This community space features an art space, cafe, makerspace, help center, outdoor play area, teen lounge, multigenerational room, computer room, classrooms, meeting room, and career center.

To make sure the Library’s District’s vision would become a reality, multiple iterations of the library floorplans were configured to facilitate a conducive educational setting. An area where attention to detail is particularly important in a library setting is the lighting design. This facility recognizes the importance of striking the balance between focus and relaxation, as well as fostering collaboration. The thoughtful approach resulted in a lighting design that not only meets the functional requirements but also adds an element of stimulation. The final design surpasses LEED requirements and incorporates sustainability which aligns the design with modern environmental standards.

As a space that caters to the needs of individuals of all ages, this library will serve as a valuable resource and community hub for learning, growth, and inspiration. This much needed facility in the Mesquite community will have an impact on residents and visitors for generations to come.

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Clark County Library District


Mesquite, NV

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