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Joe Sanchez

Plumbing Designer

The Baseball Lover

Joe has spent nearly five decades in the engineering industry with a primary focus on plumbing. He began his career as a “gofer” and worked his way up to become a drafter and designer. Joe received on-the-job training and was mentored by a professional engineer in the 1970’s. In his experience, Joe has worked on a variety of projects, including Fry's Grocery Stores, Desert Samaritan Hospital, Scottsdale Executive Building, Marriott hotels, K-8 schools, high schools, and ASU college labs.


Outside of work, Joe is a faithful Christian with five grown and very self-sufficient children. He enjoys watching baseball and other sports, as well as traveling with his wife and spending time together. He's also notorious for his dad jokes and breakfast making skills, whether it's pancakes or chorizo with eggs and fried potatoes. Joe’s wife and their shared faith in Jesus are sources of inspiration for Joe.

Joe's Brand: Laid-Back, Happy, Determined

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