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Higher Education

TJK has designed over 300 projects throughout the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, as well as various projects on community college campuses. Whether we’re designing classrooms, stadiums, auditoriums, parking garages, multipurpose rooms, labs, gymnasiums, offices, common areas, or libraries, we consider the adaptability needs of the university, instructors, and students. We continue to incorporate the latest technologies in our designs and look ahead for future technological innovations to provide the most opportune learning environment for students.

  • CSN Health Sciences Building

  • CSN HVAC Department Building Assessment

  • CSN IBL Classroom TV Addition

  • CSN Telecom Editing Room

  • UNLV Academic Coaching Center

  • UNLV Advanced Dental Building

  • UNLV Athletic Complex

  • UNLV Boyd Law School

  • UNLV Central Desert Complex

  • UNLV Emergency Blue Phone Upgrade

  • UNLV FDH Film School TI

  • UNLV Lied Library

  • UNLV Lied Library Renovation/Expansions (17+)

  • UNLV Mendenhall Center

  • UNLV MSU Multicultural Center

  • UNLV RAJ Renovations

  • UNLV Residence Hall

  • UNLV Shadow Lane Dental Building (5+)

  • UNLV Student Services Building

  • UNLV Wright Hall Remodel

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