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Darwin Canales

Technology Designer

The Helper

With a degree in Design and Drafting from ITT Technical Institute, Darwin started working as a drafter and then a security designer before joining the TJK team. He is also an active member of BICSI and is currently working toward his Registered Communications Distribution Designer certification. Darwin is passionate about providing the best design possible. He loves learning and is always willing to adapt to new technologies and challenges in our constantly changing industry.


Darwin loves spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, hiking, camping, and taking pictures of landscapes. He's also a scary movie buff, especially when it's raining. He's a homebody at heart, but he still likes change and challenges to keep himself alert, focused, and out of his comfort zone. ​​Darwin's happy place would be admiring and gazing out the window of a high-rise building while sketching its landscape. Most of the time, he's looking forward to being an old man tending to his yard. 

Darwin's Brand: Devoted, Patient, Adaptable


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