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Crystina Lopez

Mechanical Designer

The Decision-Maker

Crystina Lopez was born in California and raised in Las Vegas, NV. While working at TJK as an intern and now Mechanical Designer, she graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering where she participated in the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon where students built a zero-energy home and won 3rd place overall.

Crystina was in mariachi since middle school, attended Las Vegas Academy for mariachi, and continued until 2019. One of her favorite activities is watching movies with a few favorites being The Matrix and The Road to El Dorado. She also likes to do escape rooms, and so far has managed to escape 10 with time to spare. In addition, Crystina enjoys travelling and aims to visit a new place each time. Throughout her life, she has been surrounded by hardworking people who have achieved many things while staying humble, which inspires her to do the same. She was told in middle school by her music teacher that there will always be someone who is worse than you and someone who is better than you. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will be able to focus on yourself and try to be a better you every single day.

Crystina's Brand: Ambitious, Energized, Bold


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