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Rogelio Esparza, P.E.

Director of Electrical Engineering

The Family Man

Rogelio Esparza has been designing electrical engineering projects for over a decade and continues to enjoy daily aspects of being an engineer. A graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas and local resident since he was young, Rogelio loves being able to contribute to communities by working in an innovative setting, working toward challenging goals, and implementing ideas. Managing a team and the daily production internally has provided him with the skills to manage projects and full design teams successfully.

Rogelio is originally from Mexico and grew up with three brothers and two sisters. Now, he enjoys barbecuing and is obsessed with ribeye steaks. Rogelio likes going to the lake, being with his family, and often longs to be at the beach drinking coronas.

Rogelio's Brand: Persistent, Caring, Relaxed


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