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TJK is adept at analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of different industrial power distributions to determine the most effective utilization for pump controls, lift stations, and industrial applications. We utilize several types and transformer sizes to produce designs for fully functioning facilities. TJK considers all the infrastructure aspects that industrial, warehouse, and culinary distribution buildings should have to provide overall operational effectiveness.

  • 100,000 Sq. Ft. Shop/Warehouse

  • 57,000 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Plant

  • All American Warehouse

  • Clark County School District Kitchen Cold Storage Remodel

  • Clearwater Paper Corporation

  • Crystal Ridge Pump Station

  • Desert Inn & Rainbow Pump Station

  • Desert Inn Park Sump Pump

  • Ethel M Chocolate Factory

  • Fantastic Furniture Warehouse

  • FedEx West Henderson Warehouse

  • Ken’s Foods Warehouse

  • Las Vegas Souvenir Warehouse

  • Las Vegas Valley Water District Angel Park Pump Station

  • Marshall Russo Warehouse

  • Medco Warehouse Remodel

  • National RX Pharmacy Warehouse

  • Ocean Spray Warehouse

  • Paccar Warehouse

  • Quality Transportation Warehouse

  • Reddy Ice Upgrade

  • RW Garcia Tortilla Plant Equipment

  • S&S Supply Warehouse

  • San-J Virginia Processing Center

  • Sands Convention Center Warehouse

  • Sun Arville Industrial Park and Warehouse

  • Tonopah Processing Center

  • UnicaHome Showroom and Warehouse

  • United Postal Service

  • UPS North Las Vegas Facility

  • UPS Tacoma WA - Generator Power

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